It's Fall Y'all!!  Who doesn't love this time of year!!  The weather cools down, leaves start changing colors and we get to transition into long sleeves and boots!

Summer break is over and school has begun!  Summer went by super fast and now it's time to get back into that morning routine with the kiddos. Ugh!!!   

Football season is in full swing!  First game of the season brings so much excitement and anticipation. Hoping our team starts the season out with a win. Some of us were happy today and some of us not so happy with the outcome. My team lost Ugh!

Hello excited to be writing my first blog.  I've had a very busy last few days.  My son got married and the wedding was absolutely beautiful, but now that it's over I can start concentrating on other things.  God first, family second and then Jax & Jo. 

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